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When to Transition your Digital Marketing to an Agency

Updated: Jan 28

As the benefits of digital marketing become increasingly apparent, many businesses are taking the lead and building their marketing strategies in-house. According to a report by the Association of National Advertisers, 78% of members utilized an in-house ad agency. Though there are various reasons why some businesses prefer to keep creative work in-house, the pros don't always outweigh the cons. Let us explain:

The Benefits of Employing/Retaining/Using an Ad Agency

Agencies (be it an ad agency, digital-specific company, or a marketing firm) offer more than just recommendations; they provide powerful insight into the digital marketing realm. Established agencies experience a fair share of challenges in their day-to-day dealings, which equips them to handle a broader range of scenarios with tested tactics and strategies. Seasoned agencies are primed to deal with inevitable obstacles when executing campaigns; in essence, an in-house marketer's "Fire Drill" is just another day at the office for agency pros. Though it can be an unnerving thought, planting your trust in an outside agency offers immense benefits and provides you with the support you need.

Outside Perspective

An ad agency provides a fresh new perspective on potential strategies and recommendations that aren’t influenced by internal bias. For some in-house marketers, it can be incredibly challenging to think objectively about the company and strategies. This mindset can cause the brand voice to over-promote, preventing the audience from building a more natural, personal connection with the brand. Some companies tend to have a tunnel vision goal, which can also impact marketing efforts – and not in a good way.

Time Invested

Internal marketing teams often face the challenge of balancing their routine workload with additional digital marketing tasks. The truth is, digital marketing is a full-time job that requires continuous and uninterrupted attention. Experienced ad agencies place value on time by dedicating their undivided attention to prioritizing and achieving your goals.

Industry Knowledge

Established ad agencies know the ins and outs of digital marketing. After all, they dedicate every ounce of the workday to planning, testing, and optimizing techniques. The most powerful campaigns are born from collaborative thinking. Pairing your company's industry knowledge with the marketing know-how generated by an agency team opens the door for success. Experienced agencies can also quickly identify areas for improvement and missed marketing opportunities that can be difficult for internal teams to pick up on.

Abundant Skill Set

The expertise of an ad agency is invaluable. When compared to the individual skillsets on your internal team, experience favors agencies. Digital agencies should be evaluated based on industry knowledge (of the digital field as well as your business’s subject matter), their alignment to your goals, and above all, the results.

Is Your Business Ready To Make The Transition?

No one knows your company better than you, and finding an agency that's compatible with your company's needs is just the start. Meet with our team of experienced marketers to learn more around making the transition!

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