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Elevate Your Facebook Campaign With These Useful Tips

In today’s digital marketing realm, Facebook advertising has been hailed as the “go-to” for online marketing. With over 2.45B monthly active users, this platform has certainly set itself apart as one of the best spaces to market online. But even with so much promise, many businesses continue to struggle to get their desired results. In the mad dash to advertise on Facebook Ads, many businesses make vital mistakes that hurt campaigns before they even launch. The silver lining in this predicament? When it comes to marketing, there is always room for improvement. Get the most out of your Facebook campaigns with these three useful tips.

Testing Campaigns For Optimized Performance

From creative design to placement, every aspect of your campaign affects its overall success and profitability. But how do you know what works best for your brand and your campaign? The only real way to know is to test it. A great deal can be learned about your audience and what messaging they respond to through copy and creative testing. It can be used to refine delivery, target audiences, and placement.

With so many options and so little time, it may sound like too much work, but Facebook makes it relatively easy to split-test almost all aspects of your campaign. Facebook’s A/B Split testing has been a substantial part of its Business Manager for some time now. Facebook has Experiments, a new feature in Business Manager that allows advertisers to set up tests to quickly and effectively test campaign strategies. This feature combines multiple types of tests, formerly labeled as Test and Learn and Split Testing, allowing marketers to A/B test campaigns and measure conversions in one space. Effective Facebook advertising is the result of strategic testing. If you aren’t testing from the very beginning, you may never discover how to make Facebook Ads work for your business.

Seamless Messaging For Clear Communication

Storytelling plays a vital role in building connections with others on social media. Because this holds true, it is necessary to ensure you get your value proposition right. Because even when you get your value proposition right, it can still be a challenge to communicate it effectively to your audience. The key is to not only ensure that your ad copy is clear and compelling but to make sure that a confusing image does not overshadow it. An image should not only be beautiful from a design standpoint but should clearly communicate the product and what it does. By delivering essential information in both the ad copy and creative, it allows the audience to understand your message, click through, and convert quickly and easily. Before launching your campaign, take a step back and ask yourself, “Is my value proposition clear? What would someone who knows nothing about my business have a clear understanding of after seeing this ad?”

Targeting An Audience of the Right Size

Facebook Ads is mainly an awareness-generating platform. What does that mean for your business to consumer (B2C) marketing? Well, no matter how refined your targeting is, only a percentage of your audience will engage with your ads. To combat this, Facebook Ads provides an exceptional level of targeting detail. Audience size plays a crucial role in campaign performance. It's vital to identify the best target audience specific to your brand while keeping it large enough for Facebook to actively serve it to those individuals. This is especially true when testing new audiences. In this instance, there are many unknowns, and if you get overly specific with the audience, you can unintentionally sabotage your campaigns. A good rule of thumb for a well-defined, top-of-funnel campaign is shooting for an audience size between 1-10 million.

Preparation For A Successful Campaign

Facebook Ads is a compelling way to connect with your audience on the world’s largest social network. While Facebook Ads Manager is easy to learn and simple to use, getting great results from Facebook campaigns takes a lot of preparation. Many businesses struggle to see success even when they’ve taken measures to curate a fantastic ad. Taking these additional steps prior to starting your campaign is the first step toward success. And pairing these ideas with a team that can strategically approach Facebook ads can make all the difference when you’re finally ready to launch. Connect with us to learn more.

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