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Leveraging Lead Generation to Expand Your Marketing Strategy

In the not-too-distant past, marketing efforts focused on generating large quantities of inquiries, with claims from some sources that they would be “qualified and guaranteed leads.” However, this numbers game never seemed to meet expectations.

Running a successful lead generation campaign is an especially daunting challenge in the world of omnichannel marketing – sometimes encompassing a bewildering array of lead sources, including search engine advertising, website traffic capture, email marketing, public relations, events and more. With lead generation continually evolving alongside rapid advances in the digital realm, new techniques and strategies are paving the way to success.

The Key To Generating High-Quality Leads

As sagacious marketers say goodbye to the old “spray and pray” method, opportunities for lucrative lead generation tactics are at the forefront. Services are now available to provide higher conversion growth, increased brand awareness, the ability to detect buying patterns, identification of target audiences, measurable metrics, and campaign insights. The result is not only much higher levels of cost-effectiveness and ROI, but more compelling interactions with potential customers.

Producing quality leads starts with identifying a quality strategy. There is no universal code to crack when it comes to tying lead capture to purchase, simply because each problem requires a unique approach. At nContext, clients have seen the quality of service and the increase in B2B/B2C sales because we’ve revolutionized the collection, interpretation, and use of data to set the standard for the current digital age.

With experience working for clients in industries across verticals, we’ve developed a wide variety of use cases. In particular, the Kimmel Center for the Performing Arts displayed a distinctive lead generation approach.

Use Case: Lead Generation With Limited Advertising Capabilities

With a limited ability to advertise for a specific, upcoming event, the Kimmel Center needed to generate targeted interest in its organization to fuel eventual ticket sales. To solve the dilemma, nContext defined an early lead generation strategy focused on collecting data from interested users. By using in-app and on-site lead tracking capabilities, combined with intent-based targeting, over 1,110 leads were generated in less than two weeks. The leads were then used in follow-on marketing campaigns.

When the client was ready to shift its digital strategy to drive ticket sales, the early lead generation strategy set campaigns up for a successful run. By identifying a problem, developing a unique strategy, and analyzing the impact, nContext’s digital campaigns drove 9.4K purchases and generated $3.2M in revenue.

Upsetting The Baseline

For the Kimmel Center, producing quality leads started as a brainstorming objective to work within restrictions. With out-of-the-box solutions and adaptations to the ever-changing digital landscape, nContext was able to set a new standard for future lead generation efforts.

By thinking beyond lead-capture and developing behavior-based strategies, lead generation can pivot your marketing strategies quickly and efficiently, adding real value to your business.

To learn more about nContext Lead Generation and Digital Marketing capabilities, connect with us today.

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