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Benefits of Community Management

Your social channels do more than give your followers a glimpse into your brand; they serve as a bridge to your ecosystem and your online community. Proper community management can make or break a company’s reputation, which is why your brand must put its best foot forward in the online world. Keep scrolling to learn how you can positively amplify your online reputation with proper community management.

The Importance of Community Management

At its core, community management is about the relationship you build between your brand and its followers and how your company seizes opportunities to interact. Building a long-term business with a strong brand presence is an investment every company should make. Think of community management as an extension of your customer service; your followers deserve the same quality treatment online as they would in the real world.

Unbeknownst to many, the online buyer's journey starts long before consumers make their way to your website. How many times have you found yourself stalking the Yelp pages of restaurants that interest you? The Instagram pages of recently discovered clothing stores? Individuals rely on the social channels of companies’ they're interested in to give them clarity on that brand and convince them to take the leap to the checkout page.

How to Properly “Community Manage”

Your online community isn't singular; it consists of all your digital platforms, from social channels to review accounts. As social networks continue to gain popularity, the number of users is expected to skyrocket to nearly 3.43 billion by 2023. With social channels accessible at the touch of a button, it's becoming simpler for individuals to transfer their real-world experiences to the online world. In the digital world, brand perception can be shaped, changed and even developed - for better or worse - far more by its followers than through the brand's internal efforts. Because of this, it's essential to maintain full visibility and control over your social channels. Read on for a community management strategy that's sure to build, grow and sustain your online community.

Platform Identification

The first step in developing a community management strategy is identifying the social platforms your brand operates. It can be a daunting task to keep up with your social channels, which is why we recommend creating a spreadsheet or document to track all of your platforms in one place.

Brand Voice Development

Your brand voice is the face of your company's digital presence, and once established, it’s hard to shift. When you're ready to implement community management into your daily routine, you must develop a voice that ties to your brand and resonates with your followers. Maintaining a powerful brand voice stems from remaining consistent across all active digital channels.

Talk Track Creation

The online world acts as a playground for users to voice their opinions, questions and thoughts - both good and bad. It's essential to develop an approved talk track that your team can reference when engaging with the online community. Not every user who stumbles onto your social media comes prepared with positive intentions. Whether someone had a bad experience with a product/service or simply disagreed with a post, it's vital to have responses formulated for harsh comments and those of all other varieties. Talk tracks also close the door to potential answers from your team that may not represent your brand in the best light. After all, what's published online lives forever.

The most important aspect of community management is how you engage with others in the online world. Much like in real life, nobody likes a one-sided relationship. Responding to positive and negative comments allows your brand to build, mend and create relationships in the online ecosystem. When your online community is well managed and maintained, both parties on each side of the screen will benefit. Do you believe your company can benefit from community management? Reach out to one of our strategists at nContext for more information.

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