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Driving Digital Marketing Success in Las Vegas

As polls such as the one conducted by NPR/Marist found that 69% of the American population is shopping online, it’s no surprise that marketers are competing now more than ever to capture the attention of online shoppers. Do your campaigns have what it takes to help consumers convert?

At nContext, we lean on data to create a tailored digital strategy specific to each client. Being veteran advertisers with clients around the globe, we've seen businesses struggle in highly competitive markets. No more so than in the Las Vegas DMA, where the entertainment market fights to fill seats. One Las Vegas show, in particular, showcases a unique, data-driven approach paired with a tailored digital marketing strategy.

Use Case: Advertising in a Competitive Market

Bringing a new show to Las Vegas, the Entertainment Capital of the World, proved more than just a challenge. The client expressed concerns regarding limited brand awareness and lack of credibility against seasoned Las Vegas shows. In this particular use case, brand awareness was the main focus for the first two months of the campaign. By leveraging experience within the market, outlining a strategic approach to test significant interest, and implementing geo-targeting techniques to an ever-changing user base, we were able to refine campaigns and establish a valuable and clear target audience.

By driving decisions based on the generated data, campaigns quickly pivoted to optimize aspects for the specific show. For example, we isolated that users who frequently purchase via discount sites and those who interacted with the casino were 5X more likely to book performance tickets quickly than those targeted solely via interest and demographic data. This insight resulted in week-over-week increases in the client's Return On Ad Spend (ROAS).

Upsetting a Competitive Market

Rather than skipping vital steps to achieve conversions, we knew all successful Las Vegas shows had one thing in common: A reputation. For this new performance to thrive in this market, driving awareness and building rapport was essential. We maintained realistic expectations but knew it would eventually provide value to the client and the show. By proving value in the data, the client felt comfortable increasing their budget to piggyback off successful campaign strategies. Once implemented, this resulted in a 37% increase to digital-driven purchases and a 119% increase in revenue.

Digital marketing isn’t a race; it’s a marathon. To succeed in a competitive market, there not only needs to be a reason behind every decision made, but data to back it up. Connect with our team to learn more about mastering competitive markets or setting up your digital strategy with a data-based approach!